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Does anyone have Monfils v. Federer on tape/dvd from the Monte Carlo Open?  I’ll give you a handjob if you can get this to me.  Seriously.


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Weak Like Bull

     Thought I’d take a break from masturbating and masturbating to fill all you sick-o’s in on the Sony Ericsson/Luxury Hotel Roundup Conglomerate Association Inc.  in Meahme.  RAFA! looked pretty sweet in his cobra kai headband and sweaty biceps, but he was really no match for Davystadenko’s dentures and giant bald head.  Can you throw a match by winning it?  Perhaps.  That must be Davy’s new technique as he stomped on Roddicks STD pouch in the semi’s to get to A.C. Slater (we’ve been over this haven’t we?).  Ummm, speaking of crazed Russians did anyone see Youzhny bashing himself in the face with his racquet?  The best part is the announcer: “oh my, that must have hurt.”  No fucking shit.  That was pretty much the cherry on top of the big pile of shit that was the announcing/commentating for the Meahme Open.  But yeah, anyway, Davy crushed Nadal who sent a lot of balls sailing way out of the court.  The angles on Davy’s forehands would have had any highschool geometry teacher gushing.  Nadal was able to get to them, but had no chance of returning them.  Davy threw the match 6-4, 6-2.  And apparently he used the same racquet throughout the entire open.

     Oh, and Serena won.  See you in 2 months.

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