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      Have you guys seen the fucking ball girls in Madrid?! Did you see Vaidisova in that green number today lurking in the shadows of the Stepanek v. Federer match?!  My pants would’ve exploded if it weren’t for all the fat, bald, oily looking business men in the stands.  Which reminds me, Madrid, you need to chill the fuck out on lotions and leaving the first 5 buttons of your business suit unbuttoned.  Also, those hot ball girls I mentioned earlier were wearing leather baseball hats.  You got that right.  I said leather baseball hats.  But then again, it’s hard to shimmy your jimmy open while Spanish ball girls are interrupted by the funniest fucking infomercial of all time.  I’m of course talking about Aerogarden.  Does everyone in your family hate each other?  Mine did.  Then we bought Aerogarden.  Now, thanks to tomatoes the size of tiny marbles we all know what love is.  And no dirt!  After seeing that commercial I was ready to do anything for this great country of ours.  

     I’ll be back soon with some real insight, but jesus, watching tennis again (for the first time in a while) did for me what Aerogarden can do for your miserable family.  

     Let’s go (soon)!


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